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Information for Preschools

The majority of Jean's weekdays are spent singing with children

in Greater Boston and Metro-West area preschools.

Music time at these schools is usually half an hour with each group,

but can range from 15 minutes singing for babies to an hour,

depending on group size and school needs.

Jean tries to keep her rates reasonable,

knowing how important music is in the lives of young children,

but knowing also how schools and community-based organizations

must juggle their own finances to provide all they can

for the kids and families they serve.

Rates for schools and other organizations interested in

setting up a regular schedule (i.e. at least once a month)

are $60 per hour, with a $90 minimum.

Concerts and other one-time appearances (including parties) start at $100.

Please feel free to contact Jean to discuss your school's particular needs.